Expertise That Sets Us Apart

Providing a bridge for mineral sources to reach the end-users. A Complete End to End supply of quality minerals with a consistent and result-driven approach. Our skilled workforce, diverse mining experience, state-of-the-art equipment and modern techniques have earned us a reputation as a reliable Company. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Krish-V Mines and Minerals offers various services under one umbrella. We are present in India, Kenya, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia and Iran.

Prospecting & Exploration

  • • Experienced research team to explore efficient ways to extract minerals.
  • • Implement world-class technology to identify land & resources.

Strong Supply Chain

  • • Reliable logistic facility to deliver resources on time.
  • • Safe and consistent supply of minerals.


  • • Modern methods to extract purity.
  • • Hi-tech equipment to minimise wastage & enrich ores.
  • • Quality segregation of different grades.

Extraction & Mining

  • • Eco-friendly and cost-effective mining.


Chairman's Thoughts

Began this journey of finding the right resources vital for the development of society. Being connected to our roots, we undertake mindful mining and strive to provide the best experience to our clients. Krish-V Mines and Minerals is a customer-centric, technologically driven mining company that meets and exceeds varied requirements of the Global Market.

How it Work

Our Core Values

Our corporate slogan epitomizes the soul of the Krish-V Global Enterprise, which has been handed down intact since our beginning.

Krish-V Promise

We vow to meet the confidence and expectations placed in us by our customers without overlooking our spirit of creating exceptional outcomes.

Krish-V Vision

Enhance daily life and society by contributing to specialised evolution.


Krish-V Value

Always ahead in delivering quality and services that constitute the foundations of various industries and products, making the unthinkable likely.

What we Provide

We Offering Best Service


  • Type: Liquid
  • Grades: Viscosity grade 30
  • Volume Capacity: High volume
  • Origin: Middle East
  • Price: On request


  • Type: Boulder
  • Size: 40mm - 1000mm
  • Volume Capacity: High volume
  • Origin: India
  • Price: On request


  • Type: 65% min.
  • Size: 20mm - 100mm
  • Volume Capacity: High volume
  • Origin: Zambia
  • Price: On request


  • Type: Glassy, Semi-Glassy & Milky White
  • Grades: A, M & B Grade
  • Size: Lumps, Powder & Grits
  • Volume Capacity: 1,000 Mt Tons/Month Onwards
  • Origin: India, Egypt


  • Type: NP1 & NP2
  • Grades: 99.88% - 99.993%
  • Size: 0.025mm
  • Volume Capacity: 1 - 10 million meters
  • Origin: Russian federation
  • Price: On request


  • Type: Concentrate
  • Grades: 42-40, 44-42 & 46-44
  • Size: 0 mm - 5 mm
  • Volume Capacity: 25 MT - 1000 MT
  • Origin: South Africa, Zimbabwe
  • Price: On request


  • Grades: Min 30 Mn% - Max 55 Mn%
  • Volume Capacity: 10,000 Tons/Month
  • Origin: Kenya, SA, Zambia
  • Price: On request


  • Grades: Paint, Cement, POP
  • Volume Capacity: Min 200 - Max 5,000 Mt/Month
  • Origin: Iran, Oman
  • Price: On request


Mines Engineers


Our Client's Experience

“The quality of the ore was excellent. The technical team was quick to understand and gave us a swift solution.”

Henry Rockwell


“I am very impressed with the services rendered by the Krish-V mining team.”

Ralph Donovan


“I appreciate the Krish-V team's professionalism and adherence to delivery timelines. I strongly recommend Krish-V for your mineral needs.”

Rajeev Delvi


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